The Alpha and The Omega.

  The two spirits that lay in Sodom & Egypt arose. There was a great earthquake. Seven thousand men were slain. The rest were cast into a great fear. All who saw the two spirits standing were in awe of them, and were afraid of them. The two were taken up in a cloud, where they were shown their enemies. The Council of Elders bowed down. God Almighty & Jesus Christ took Their authority, and ruled over the world. Their servants took what was rightfully theirs. Those who had tried to destroy the earth were killed. Then the Ark of The New Covenant was revealed. There were an earthquake, lightening, thunder, and voices. The Holy Temple opened up. The Kings of the earth entered into The Holy City of The New Jerusalem. Halleluja! Amen.👑🇩🇪🇮🇹🇯🇵


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