Torture, and Kill for Fun, and Profit


I am looking for the opportunity to torture, and kill Our enemies for enjoyment, and profit! We are Isalam, Bethesda & Mizpah: of The Holy, New Jerusalem. Amen.


Black, Green, Red!

If people only want to be black, green, (Green Party,) or red, (communist,) I doubt that they will live to see The Great Day of God Almighty, of which they may not be aware at all, but they are aware of the battle of Armageddon, and go down in torture, and killing every day, and night! Praise God Almighty & Jesus Christ, Who reign! Halleluja! Amen.

Niggers on the Money

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    Are you going to spend money with pictures of niggers, dead or alive? Where will you spend this money? Who wil accept as payment for goods? The Black Market? Praise God Almighty & Jesus Christ, Who reign! Let Us fight the battle of Armageddon and win The Great Day of God Almighty as Our Victory! Sincerely, Donald Eric Hoganson/Bethesda/Jade Helm. Amen.