Cry No More, Children of God! 

  • The Lion of Judah, root of David has seen fit to take the Book with the Seven Seals from The Right Hand of The Lamb, and open it! Halleluja! 👑✌️🇩🇪🇮🇹🇯🇵😇🇸🇮🇺🇦⭐️☪⚛🇨🇦🇲🇽 Amen.

I don’t like Mikey! He isn’t White! Mikey likes War! Mikey doesn’t care about anyone! Mikey won everything, n’est pas? Mikey never lost anything! Mikey is always the winner! Mikey gets the free Israeli lunch! Mikey stinks in the pit! Bad Mikey! Mikey is AIDES! Sincerely, Joshua of Buena Vista Park, Haight-Ashbury and The Grand Piano. Amen.


9/11 was a good thing! We need more 9/11’s and We need them now! Isalam, Bethesda & Mizpah. Praise God Almighty and Jesus Christ, Who reign! Burn the whore, and devour her flesh. We need EMP’s and Thermonuclear Warfare. Pray for Deumatesence. Amen.