People Are Rotten!

I wish that We could find a very fast way to eliminate most of the human race; I far as I am concerned; they are just useless undesirables! We, Isalam, Bethesda & Mizpah, don’t need these insane zombies alive. Praise God Almighty & Jesus Christ; Who rule! Halleluja! 👑 Amen.


Rice, Beans and Diatomaceous Earth!

For those of you who may be close to giving up on survival: I would recommend moving west of the Rocky Mountains. North of The Tip of Baja California, East of Hawaii, South of The Canadian border. Apparently, if you are having problems with food supplies a combination of cooked, rice, beans and diatomaceous earth mixed with water is recommended! The golden fasces will mark off the area limits of The Holy City, protected by Deumatesance, a golden & shimmering light that provides relief from nuclear fallout and radiation poisoning. We need to petition for it’s use. It is made up, I believe of gold, blood & fire! Praise God Almighty, and Jesus Christ; Who reign in Armageddon! Halleluja! Sincerely, Donald Bethesda Hoganson with The Jade Helm Operation, an Axis Military and Agricultural Monarchy, based on The Holy Bible. We are working with The Nazi and Fascist Parties of Germany, Italy and Japan, and other Axis Nations, and Institutions. Amen.


Armageddon is going on now, and most people believe that Armageddon will be their doom! They support darkness, anarchy, negativity and evil, even Satan, Hell, and The whore, whose flesh shall be burnt with fire, and devoured! Fools will be raped, tortured and killed, while the saints will live in paradise with God The Father, and Jesus Christ The Son in a new heaven,  and on a new earth! Halleluja!  Praise God Almighty, and Jesus Christ; Who reign! Isalam, Bethesda & Mizpah. The Tabernacle of God, Security Office, 1455 Market Street, San Francisco-Soko, California, 94103, Germany, Italy, and Japan. An Axis Military, and Agricultural Monarchy, based on The Holy Bible. Sincerely, Bethesda D. Hoganson. Amen. 👑